Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Reflections: My Mom

Yesterday, marked nine months since my mother past and soon it would be a year when she first became ill.  I think about her often when I'm in the kitchen washing dishes.  The smell of fried chicken clog my nose even when I'm making pasta with red sauce or cooking my daughters hot dogs.  A fried chicken sandwich was the last meal I made for my mother (that she could sit down and enjoy).  I, for one, was not a good chicken fryer but last year I finally got the knack of it.  She even complimenting on it and said,"Humph, you fried it hard.  You know who would enjoy this--your grandmother."  That put a smile on my face.  Because like my mother--my grandmother (like all other grandmothers) could burn in the kitchen.

So, over the chicken sandwich, clanking of dishes, and waiting for Hurricane Irene to touch down the next day, we reminisced about how my mother really enjoyed cooking when I was  growing up.  I remember my mother used to come home from work and go straight into the kitchen still in her work clothes. And it didn't seem to bother her. I remember on Sunday mornings before Abbott and Costello, we had a big breakfast with home-baked corn or blueberry muffins, cheese grits, eggs, bacon or sausage, orange juice, and she even let me have a cup of coffee (at twelve years old).  In fact, I was the only one besides my mother who drank it.  My brother and sister were tea drinkers ( until my sister got a job at Emigrant Bank and all they had was Tetley tea.  She soon became an avid Joe drinker).

My mother's nickname among her friends in the summer time was the Potato Salad Lady opposite her friend Peggy, who was the Barbecue Sauce Lady. For Peggy's barbecues my mother used to make a big bowl of potato salad and everyone would wait until Peggy finished up with her barbecue ribs and get their eats on.  My mother was also, very kind and made us a bowl for home and we appreciated that because it was great left overs with Peggy's ribs.

My mother's favorite holiday was Thanksgiving.  My short story Big Tom:  A Thanksgiving Story is based on a true event that happened.  There are no really embellishments--the incident with the turkey really happened!  You can read it here.

My mother passed away three days before her favorite holiday last year.  It  was rough last year and I know it will be a challenge this year because Thanksgiving is about families coming together.  And it still will be for me because I  know she is with family in heaven  and all of my family is forever present in my heart.

Love you Mom.


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