Monday, September 8, 2014

Reflection: Back to School Revisited

The last time I took an online course. Hurricane Sandy showed up and knocked out my power so I could not finish it.  The ten week course was Fundamentals of Creative Nonfiction, sponsored by Creative Nonfiction Magazine that started in September of 2012.  The intensity of the work was very similar to a college course. There was a heavy reading schedule, expectations to participate in forums, group work, and the option to write essays.  I participated in all and was in the middle of my second essay when Hurricane Sandy touched down.  Because Sandy left me without power, I had to charge my phone and laptop at a local McDonalds that actually had power.  I could have tried to finish the course by going to McDonalds every day for a couple of hours but I had a family to tend to.  So, I had to put my education on hold. I don’t regret it because I did learn a lot when I participated.

With several other family situations that occurred the following year—2013— I decided to concentrate more on my writing and was able to finish the poetry chapbook, Springs Tepid Breath—that I released earlier this year.  But as this year been progressing, I felt the need to enroll in some kind of course.  I wanted to re-educate myself.  I remember reading about how Coursera offered free educational courses and how they had a poetry course about some well known poets called Modern & Contemporary American Poetry. I hadn’t taken a full course in poetry since 2005 when I took Flesh & Spirit:  Writing the Body with Tina Chang (before she became Poet Laureate of Brooklyn). As of late, I’ve been concentrating on poetry, so this seemed right up my alley.  The course started this weekend.  Hopefully, I will be able to finish it without any natural disasters getting in my way.

Wish me luck!


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