Monday, July 27, 2015

Reflection: E(ye)motion by Sandra Proto

E(ye)motion by Alberta Overstreet

I pull down my shade

I see love on top of raindrops
 embracing the bristled soil

I see tolerance swimming in the ocean
 befriending the star and jellyfish

I see compassion offer shelter
 to a crippled hungry seagull

I see encouragement nudge
 a bear into spring’s warm breeze

When I lift up my shade

I see hate spurting
 black cinders dulling the iridescent sky
 I see ignorance teach
   the ways of oil and water

  I see indifference walk by
   a nude fragile rosebush

  I see pessimism whisper in the ear
  of a fly on a summer’s morn

  I pull my shade back down
  and feel the heaviness of life
  roll down my cheeks

-Sandra Proto

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