Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Reflection: Jheri Curls, Jello Shots, and Blue Eye Shadow: From Personal Journal (Random Writings Part 2)

From Personal Journal
June 3, 2005

I am a creative being
A Being that You created
You have unselfishly given me talent
And I am here to showcase it
All in praise of You
You are the spirit within me
You are the driving force
I, Thank You
O, God
I, Thank You

                                                                                  -Sandra Proto

This past Sunday was a glorious day.

Yes, I skipped church but You were right there with me on stage as I read my poetry over the eclectic sounds of the band.  I felt so free. I felt like I was finally home.  It was pure Heaven.  When I finished, I stepped off the stage and walked to my seat.  I noticed a CD next to my bag.  It must have come out when I grabbed my poetry binder.  I forgot what was on the CD because I didn’t label it. I placed it in my CD-Man and skipped through the tracks.  It was a CD of songs for when I rehearsed for the Dance Ministry. Is this a Sign?  I skipped around the CD until I found the track that I needed to hear.  The title track, Thank You,sang in my ears and filled up my heart.  Yes, this was a Sign.  I haven’t Thanked You that day.  I listened and envisioned the movements that had lived in my body but lay dormant now.  My heart fluttering as I paced the dirt land.  I canvassed my surroundings: the band was playing hard and smiling down at the occupied dirt dance floor come alive.  The band and audience seem to be in sync with the music playing in my ears.  Everyone was praising You this Sunday. 

I lifted up my arms and Thanked You.


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