Saturday, October 3, 2015

Reflection: Jheri Curls, Jello Shots, and Blue Eye Shadow: What the Hell is the MTA Doing? (Random Writings Part 2)

What the Hell is the MTA Doing?
 (A Rant)
Circa 2004

I waited on line at the post office
To purchase some stamps.
The NY 1 newscaster announced
“Now, you will be able to watch NY 1 on the subway.
The MTA is going to install flat screen TV’s on the train.”
My temper rose from impatient to disgust.

What the Hell is the MTA doing?

Did they forget about the fire
That caused substantial damage?
The damage that they say will cost
A lot of money to fix.

Oh, here we go again.
The MTA is fucking with the commuters again.

Can’t we just have some peace
Going to work, school or the train yard?
Why commuters must be subjected
To the Tube
Had we had enough?
At home?
At the beauty parlors?
At the doctor’s offices?
What happened to reading
Or sleeping?
Why must we stare at a screen
To soak in more Soap Operas?
‘Cause you know that is what’s
Gonna be playing.
Everybody likes a good ole trashy “Soap.”
“I just can’t cope, without my Soap.”
Why can’t we cope?
We don’t need to get involved
In someone else’s messy lives
And miss our stop?
We do enough of that
Waking ourselves up
From snoring
And racing in a stupor
To the door as it
Closes in our face.
Let’s get lost
In a good “page turner”
And end up in Harlem.
Let’s get caught up
In the live entertainment
Of the Breakdancers
Spinning on their heads and poles.
Let’s listen to the
Intoxicated man sing his song.
Let’s hear the praise of Jesus
From the Evangelist walking
Through the cars.


Why is the MTA trying to destroy the straphangers joy?