Monday, December 19, 2016

Reflection: winter observation in a school yard

(image by Sandra Proto)

winter observation in a school yard

 The metal gate is
    left a jarred to the
      children’s playground.

  The snow craters leave
     white splotches on the
       empty blacktop. 
   The jungle gym is
     a multicolored       
       glacier dreamscape.
  A man sits looking
     at his phone on a
       low stone border.
  A woman stands on
     a dark patch of the
        desolate  ground.

  I lean on the red
     brick corner of the
       astute building.

   Inhaling frigid
     air, I hear noises
       surrounding me.

   I look towards the
     woman standing. My
      eyes drift from her
   to the little girl,
     who usually cries
       lagging behind.

    But today, she is
      calm and walks beside
        her mother. Her

     feet scrapes across the
       icy mounds. I smile
         as she skates by.

-Sandra Proto 2/6/16

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